Care Label Manufacturers

Jailu Brand Solutions are your ultimate destination for all types of clothing labels including main labels, care labels, woven and printed label, heat transfers, stickers, RFID hang tags, paper packaging services, and branding solutions providers. We take pride in matching-up with our client’s apparel label requirements and provide a quick turnaround.

Professionally designed and produced under the expert supervision of our in-house team, our main label ranges to enhance the value of the retailer’s clothing. The customized printed labels are available in a wide range of colors, label size, and materials to make your garment and factory stores brand stand out from the crowd. Our clients can explore top-notch taffeta, damask, and other high density woven labels for their apparels.

With us, you can shop for a variety of care labels and garment washing instruction labels. These care labels not only help consumers to learn about the maintenance of their outfits for a longer period of time but also projects retailer’s and apparel manufacturer’s professionalism and their concern towards the quality of the clothing item. If you are not searching for customization, you can check our ready-made stock of label sizes and types.

Our team is flexible with the needs of both couture clothing designers and large garment manufacturing firms. In addition to custom clothing labels, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories and materials, RFID hand tags for real-time visibility into inventory and product movement to the retailers, efficient paper packaging solutions, and much more to let your brand do the talking.

Get your quote now and we can accommodate your order without burning down your wallet or compromising on the expected quality!