Apparel Materials

Apparel Materials

Looking for a label to make your apparel and accessories business a brand? Jialu, the brand solution provider offer packing and tagging solution for the apparel business. Whether you need branding solution or accessory products like chain buttons or fly zipper we provide it all to our customers at an affordable price.

Our solutions are not just for apparels but if you can get them for shopping bags as well. The demand for shopping bags made of fabric is high in demand. Step into a shopping bag market like a professional and get labeling solutions, accessories and sicker for the shopping bags at affordable price.

You can even order customized label to establish your brand image among the customers and market, our innovative team would assist you in getting the final product done as per your requirement.

We design tags in the following versions:

  • Hang Tags
  • Woven Tags
  • Printed Label
  • Sticker
  • Paper Packing

Apart from tag and labels, we provide accessory products, branding solutions and heat transfer printing service for a variety of products.

Request a free sample, and once you are sure about the quality and product lace the order. We accept bulk order as well as a small order. Rely on our 100% satisfaction guaranteed service.

We ensure top-notch quality of labels and accessories. Place the order online.