Heat Transfer

The popularity of tagless tags is high in the market. Many apparel and handbag manufacturer prefer heat transfer tags as it gives them relief from traditional printed label tags. The heat transfer printing is directly applied to the garment so it does not require any tag to contain instruction and details.

As the name suggests the heat transfer printing is done through industrial heat press or household iron At Jialu we excel in heat transfer printing service.

Rely on us for all kinds of clothing label service. Now you can give your apparel and accessories the desired look and feel with our heat transfer service.

Place your order online or consult our designing experts and find out with heat transfer printing can help your brand. Approve the digital proof provided by our team and we will complete the order in a minimum possible time. Connect with us online and find out how heat transfer service will help your brand.

We take all sizes of order, no matter how low the quantity is or how huge the requirement is our team will handle all your needs with precision.

Heat Transfer:

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