Printed label

Make your product more user-friendly, safe and easy to use for your customer with a label. At Jialu we print high-quality labels. The label contains all the relevant information about the product. Send text, images, and instructions to us, we will send a sample for approval.

Label printers are high in demand apart from apparel, accessory and furnishing industry the label printer is required by many other industries as well. Place your order for label printing online and we will print and deliver it to your address in a given time frame.

We ensure that each and every label printed at Jialu contains all the text, picture in a clear form. The label can be printed on fabric as well as on paper depending on client’s requirement. We use high-quality printing service to ensure that the text is readable.

All you have to do is to provide text, image, the material you wish to choose, content and it will be prepared as a label.
Whether you need adhesive label or wish label printed on paper, we design labels of all sizes, shapes, and colors as per the client’s demand and industry’s requirement.

We provide high quality, affordable and fast time lead, label to our clients. Place your order online and get the best solution.

Printed label:

Our high-quality materials can clearly display the information to reduce the improper use by consumers