RFID hang tags: Now Inventory Management is neither costly nor difficult!

Radio Frequency Identification Tag or RFID hang tags are electronic tags, which work as a tracking system by making use of smart barcodes to identify items. Through the help of an antenna and a microchip(sometimes also referred to as an integrated circuit or IC), RFID transits and receives information. In an apparel industry, these electronic tags are easily inserted into fabrics, helping retailers or online vendors to automatically track theft activities and manage inventory.

RFID technology provides real-time visibility into inventory and product movement and retailers can avoid situations like “out of stock” or lost sale opportunities due to less ordering of products. Benefits which RFID hang tags offer to brands and retailers are:-

You can opt for high customization, semi-customization, and low-to-no customization in RFID hang tags. The factors which you can work on to acquire the customize RFID tags can be attachment methods, backings or encasements, data encoded/printed, size and shape, memory, face stock, etc. In high customization, tags are manufactured from scratch to match up with any particular application and have unique variables for all the aforesaid factors.

So, stop waiting and order for RFID hang tags from professional suppliers like Jialu Brand Solutions in Hong Kong and be a part of revolutionizing the fashion industry by accurately keeping track of the entire supply chain.