Woven Label

The demand for woven labels is high apparel and accessory market. Economical yet effective in spreading the message these woven labels can be easily customized at a low price. At Jialu we design a woven label for our customers. Whether you want to customize the label for your brand or just need a simple label with relevant information we will print, cut and finish and fold it for you. Upload artwork, text, and logo and we will design a customized woven label for you. We can design woven label of different fold such as straight cut, centerfold, loop fold, end fold, book fold, Manhattan fold, miter fold, overlock stitch and more. We ensure to deliver a high-quality woven label for your brand. Whether you need a woven label for furnishing products, apparel, or fashion accessories we will design it for you. We only use quality fabric and color in order to deliver premium quality woven label for your brand. We have advanced machines to design woven label of the highest quality for our clients. Connect with your customer; establish a brand image with premium quality woven label. Upload your logo, text, and graphics and get a perfect woven label for your brand.
Request a custom quote, get a free sample, and we will start production after approval.